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May 14, 2009
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AMI-X-00- FIRE TEMPLE by dlredscorpion AMI-X-00- FIRE TEMPLE by dlredscorpion
I am pretty much surprise at myself that i actually manage to find some spare to do some quick rough for some In House production designs.

Well sketch the design using Flash ... about 45 mins. Like i said it was an In house production thing and i got permission from my other partners to put up some of our current and newer designs. I wont be posting the complete one due to protection reasons so i hope you guys understand.

Anyhow its a Sci Fi - Fantasy Story and me and my buddies planned to work on the bigger guys first so it will be easier to do the smaller dude later.

Some rough specs ... not final -

Model number: AMI-X00-
Code name: Fire Temple
Unit type: Ancient Cell Assault Fotress.
Manufacturer: unknown
Operator(s): Unknown
First deployment: N/A
Accommodation: 3000 people ; 4000 maintainace mech
Dimensions: overall height - 184.3 meters; Length - 63 kilometers ; Wide - 57.4 kilometers
Weight: empty 3890.3 metric tons; max gross 5456.8 metric tons
Armor materials: Unknown
Powerplant: Unknown
Propulsion: Unknown
Performance: Unknown
Equipment and design features: Unknown
Fixed armaments: 1 x 4500 mm Rotary Siege Cannon ; 6 x 2800 mm Balticore Assault Snub Cannons ; 15 x 1200 mm Terramax Repeater Flax Cannons ; 120 x Salven 60 mm Chain Cannons ; 100 x Death touch vertical missile launcher racks ; 100 x Iraden type homing laser rack ; 60 x wired high pressure lava pump ; 1 x head mounted Firespray G class - High Output lava pump ; 18 x portable Asbrein anti ship Torpedoes (ldesign for lava usage);

Optional hand armaments: Unknown

- Just a brief concept of the Fire Temple design, its an ancient behemoth fortress that has at least 700 thousands years of war experience. Thus evolving into this monstrosity, a walking island fortress.

Our ideas was to create a boss machine that actually can work in sea of lava, which literally means it wading in the lava itself. Not only does it utilize the Lava for defense purposes (energy weapon will suffer the most here due to the high heat) it can easily submerge into the lave and use it spray valves to actually launch jets stream of lava towards enemy within the safety of the lava. The head itself is massive spray that can easily spray an impressive 450 tons of lava spray in a minute and up to a range of 750 mm. The reason why we had it like a turtle staying half submerge in a sea of lava was to create a natural defense barrier and prevent smaller cell armors landing and entering the behemoth and destroy it from within.

In addition it has a heavy deflector shield that can withstand direct orbital bombardments from orbits, which brings us to our next part of the Fire Temple's ability. Not only can it use the lava for cover... it actually uses the lava as a external ongoing source of energy. Which means it could easily replenish the deflector loss energy in an instance. The big guys does have orbital class weapon too to handle bigger ships in space or on ground. i will not disclose at the moment what kind of ammo it is using but maybe in due time.

Other than that, its also a literal walking factory with the capability to self repair, replenish its own ammo source and has its own Cell Armor hangars. Oh yeah it can lift of and do Interplanetary / Dimensional travels when need to .... but that of course will affect it overall performance.

Well just a little update at the moment so i don't really know when my next update or post but at the mean time here what i got.

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Grebo-Guru Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2013  Professional Traditional Artist
Goddamn man, your text is as creative as your imagery!
3ko0o Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2010
this design i like man
MonkeydanceGuy Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
The downloaded high-res: it's godly. Awesome design.
dlredscorpion Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2010  Professional Artist
LoL well just a few rough ideas for the story i working on.
Dekus Featured By Owner May 21, 2009
This mecha is "Dimensions: overall height - 184.3 meters; Length - 63 kilometers ; Wide - 57.4 kilometers " ????? hahahha... make a box with those dimensions in 3d software... you'll get a paper thin proportions.. this image is in wrong proportions then...

but the design is neat though..
dlredscorpion Featured By Owner Oct 1, 2009  Professional Artist
LOl thanks for pointing that out, will fix it well at my work place that is.
dragnahawk Featured By Owner May 17, 2009
you going to make some dragon ,tiger, wolf mech for this project? ;=; please!
dlredscorpion Featured By Owner May 17, 2009  Professional Artist
depends ... i will go with more unique shapes tho.. i wont go in all the way with animals only ... i wanna utilize bugs and some unique designs too
dragnahawk Featured By Owner May 17, 2009
sounds intersting =) can't wait to see what kind of beetle or wasp you come up with (+ the other insects you make).

but i still want to see what cool deign you can make for a dragon,wolf,tiger's =)
dlredscorpion Featured By Owner May 18, 2009  Professional Artist
Hahaha is a dragon based design. But that one will take a while. :)
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